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Babylon we are leaving & Answer of Love Jaba & Friends at Hors Tribu 2015

Live recording at Hors Tribu Festival 2015 Môtier Switzerland!

Sharing is Caring
more on www.jaba.ws

Jaba Slow Down Video (Free Download!)

Music by Jaba \u0026 M. Talmi
Lyrics by Jaba \u0026 David Granite
Mix by Jaba @ Chaumont Plage
Mastering by P. Brunkow @ www.damp-music.com
Video by Jaba \u0026 Nitram Gumby o.b.e.


Living in (without) F.E.A.R. - Jaba & Friends

More about Jaba \u0026 Friends on www.jaba.ws Sharing is Caring thanks for all support! Concert Recorded in Hors Tribu 2015. Video edit by Babylon Decoded!

Living in F.E.A.R.!
Living in fear!
throughout the year!
can’t see clear!
when fake energy appear!
Fear is an illusion!
can’t meet and have a chat with fear!
Fear is a illusion!
Fake Energy Appear Real!
Fear is a illusion!
Fear block the flow of thought!
Fear is a illusion!
Must get out of this delusion!
They telling us to think and do!
keep the illusion fire burning!
They wish to keep us dumb and ignorant! They telling us to think and do!
and believe it!
They want everyone being !
obedient !
Live without FEAR!
throughout the year!
must see clear!
when fake energy appear




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