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Eye injuries: Corneal abrasion

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When I asked my students to set up for this exam, most had no idea what to do or what a corneal abrasion actually looks like. So, lets go over how these patients will present, how to perform a good eye exam, and the available treatment options.
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Cover Image source: James Heilman, MD (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Human_cornea_with_abrasion_highlighted_by_fluorescein_staining.jpg), „Human cornea with abrasion highlighted by fluorescein staining“, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode
3V1L Vevo : i got this while smoking a bowl of weed my dumbass coughed while hitting it ‍♂️
Cody SwiftCaster : I wake up all the time to this and don't know how it happens
DaOhioBruh : For some reason a Little Piece of Skin Randomly went up in my Eye it's so tiny but its so Annoying because I just kept Rubbing my eye and it's barely Hurts but It makes My Right eye look Smaller
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SmileyFaceCookie 31 : I got this when I was playing dodgeball and was hit in the eye

4 Steps to Treating Abrasions at Home

Minor cuts and scrapes are a part of everyday life, especially for young, active children. Typically, an abrasion is a type of wound where the first layer of skin is scraped or rubbed off, and sometimes they require more than just a hug and kiss from mom or dad. These wounds, while superficial, need to be treated properly to fend off infection and heal quickly.
Fernando Sor : Cuts can be bad and scrapes not so bad. Got it!
The Darker : Treating Skin Abrasions at Home: 8 Natural Remedies - https://thedarker0508.blogspot.com/2019/10/treating-skin-abrasions-at-home-8.html
Alrighty Then! : I already fucked up. I scraped my arm and poured alcohol on it. SMH why is that not taught more often to avoid alcohol and peroxided??
raymundo marte : A bunch of nothing! Shity video my grandma wiuld shut them down
Terry Santos : how do u backflip?

Non Carious Tooth Wear//Attrition, Abrasion, Abfraction, Erosion//Clinical Appearance, Diagnosis

This video explains the various forms of non carious tooth wear i.e Attrition, Abrasion, Abfraction, Erosion which significantly affect the long term dental health in both young and old age patients.
The clinical presentation of these forms of tooth wear be confusing sometimes..
This video helps you understand the differential diagnosis for these forms of tooth wear which is really essential before initiating a restorative procedure.
This channel is all about sharing the dental facts to the best of my knowledge and giving a quick review on various dental topics in a simplified form.
Everything you see in this video was created by me unless otherwise stated. References for the quoted facts/text/data are given underneath. Please do not use any content without taking a prior permission at dentistified@gmail.com
vinod kumar : Madam ji plz tell some remedy to regrow grinded chipped Teeth back plz reply जी
Guravjit Kaur : Plz dont add music
Ala Ahmad : What do you main about b/w teeth
Asma Sikander : what is the treatmemt for atriction
Varshney Upadhyay : Your videos are really helpful....but you speak too fast.....




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