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Snowbirds CL41 Tutor Crash 17 May 2020

What we know so far and what it looks like to me.
UPDATE on Fatality:
CL-41 Jet Details:
Flying with the Canadian Snowbirds:
Tutor Ejection Seat:
Piano Cover: "Davan Cowboy"

blancolirio : UPDATE:- Birdstrike!!-
Turner9090 : Very sad...but why pull up so hard after a possible engine failure? I get you want to get away from the formation but pulling nose high in that situation seems counterintuitive
Gus M : Why didn’t they bail earlier Juan ?
mike topf : Update. They are now sending the birds home to moose jaw.
Arduino Stein : I always enjoy your videos, I can know and feel you have a passion for pilot safety and to continue sharing your knowledge to others.

Thank you!

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